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Developing Learning Programs for Multicultural Audiences

Tips to consider when localizing your e-learning programs and assessing the cost, schedule, and consumption goals of your courseware. Taking care with these issues upfront will give your project a higher possibility of success.

Research Study: Social Learning Gains Momentum

One-quarter of organizations of survey respondents are engaging in truly “social” media for learning. They are leveraging things such as blogs, discussions, and other tools to make it easier to connect and share.

Removing Obstacles to Achieving Corporate Goals

So the first of the reasons we fail to achieve our corporate goals is that we often attempt to implement them without following the best practices of change management. If a business is to grow and develop, it must consciously evaluate its failed goals against these current best practices.

Sharing Stories to Show Truth

Leveraging the internal tales of leadership to reinforce positive culture and right behaviors.

L&D Best Practices: July/August 2014

Training magazine taps 2014 Training Top 125 winners and Top 10 Hall of Famers to provide their learning and development best practices in each issue. Here, we look at mentoring and competency maps.

10 Performance Management Process Gaps

And how they negatively impact employee intentions.

Communicating with Multiple Generations in the Training Room

By successfully engaging multiple generations during training, they will not only learn your material, but more about each other, leading to deeper understanding and better work results.

A Framework for Progress in Mobile Learning

Brandon Hall Group developed its Mobile Learning Maturity Model to give organizations perspective on where they are today in terms of using mobile devices for learning, and a roadmap for moving forward toward a more mature approach.

Role-Playing with Allied International Credit

An interactive card game that replaces traditional role-plays created more than 25,000 complex scenarios with less than 30 hours’ worth of effort. Results include increased engagement, enhanced learning, and a global rollout that is transforming training results.

Employee Secondment: A Secret to Successful Integration

One often overlooked yet effective way to improve communication—both during the merger process and after closing the deal—is “secondment,” which involves placing employees from a buyer’s organization into the seller’s, and vice versa.

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