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Overcome the SME Availability Objection

Six ways to entice busy subject matter experts (SMEs) to fully engage and provide you with the information you need to develop quality training.

Online vs. In-Class Success

E-learning can be an inexpensive alternative to classroom training, but does it yield the same results?

Think Ethics Training Has to Be Boring? Think Again

Humor does not interfere with your ability to educate. The same techniques that keep people watching a TV show after they really should be going to bed can be used to make people focus on your training longer than they otherwise would.

Taking It Personally: Is Emotional Involvement OK?

Does your corporate culture allow for self-expression and reasonable displays of emotion and concern?

Tips for Creating an Environmental Training Program

Everyday workplace activities cause a host of problems that bedevil businesses and government bodies, for whom worsening air quality, water quality, fisheries, and recreational values give rise to public complaints and growing community concerns. In response, environmental training to directly address these problems is growing apace.

9 Factors of Human Performance

Human performance is the result of nine major factors. Some are internal to a performer and some are external, the external factors being either tangible or intangible. Not accounting for all factors may result in poor ROI for your training dollars.

Searching for LMS Satisfaction

Learning management system (LMS) solutions are underperforming in the eyes of the organizations that use them, according to an annual LMS Trends Survey conducted by research/analyst firm Brandon Hall Group. Less than half of the 457 survey respondents give their LMS solution high marks in terms of overall value for the price they pay.

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Assessing Interpersonal Skills

By Patrick Alain Interpersonal skills are arguably one of the most important factors in the success—or failure—of any career or company. A lack of them can impede or even derail the career of even the most talented employee, so always make sure you cover this in your reviews.

Meaningful Ways to Give Thanks to Your Employees

By Tamra Chandler, CEO, PeopleFirm Maybe it’s a drawer at the office or a box in the garage, but chances are you have some place where well-intentioned work gifts are stashed away and forgotten. Peek inside and you’ll likely find a clock, a paperweight, or a branded polo shirt. Company gifts are well meaning but often impersonal or generic, providing no real value for the employee. The right gift, however, will generate goodwill for the holiday season and boost long-lasting employee satisfaction.

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