Training Day Blog

Training Day Blog

Is Lack of Work-Life Balance Contagious?

My hypothesis is that the emotions of anxiety and compulsion to overwork can be passed from one to others to the detriment of the team.

Dollars and Sense

A look at the challenges and potential rewards of salary transparency.

How NOT to Confuse Co-Workers

Understanding how we are misunderstanding each other is a great first step in interacting with each other in more meaningful and productive ways.

The Most Important Conversations to Have with Your Employees

As companies begin to reopen offices during the pandemic, the first leadership conversation with employees should be based in empathy and reinforcement of the message: “We care about our employees. Your health and safety is our top priority.”

Helping Parents During the Pandemic

Is your company finding ways to help multi-tasking parents, caregivers, and other employees during this stressful time?

Avoiding the “Parent Trap”

It’s important to offer schedule flexibility to both parents and non-parents in the workplace.


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