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Creating Privacy in an Open-Plan Office

The discomfort of feeling like you are on display is just one of the many drawbacks of the open-plan layout—others include lack of noise control, constant visual distractions, and lack of personal storage space.

The Comeback Question

Should employees who have taken a break from full-time professional work for a significant time be given equal consideration for jobs as those who have worked professionally uninterrupted during the same time period?

How to Pitch Collaboration Technology

First, see how the technology might fit into your employees’ natural workflow. The last thing you want is to introduce a technology that requires employees to adapt to a new workflow imposed by the technology, rather than the other way around.

Being Charming Isn’t Necessarily the Charm in the Workplace

The “charming” self-confidence a manager radiates can become infuriating when a peer or employee is unable to have an honest conversation about a challenging project because the manager is too busy trying to appear knowledgeable and superior.

Realizing the Dream of the Mobile, Flex-Time Workplace

If you communicate expectations to employees and hold them accountable for their work and deliverables, what is the danger of allowing them to work the hours, and in the places, they desire?

What Is Compassionate Leadership?

Proponents of compassionate leadership believe “kindness is the key” in managing workplace challenges and effectively leading employees.

A Question for the Ages

How do you ensure new ideas and opportunities for young and middle-aged employees aren’t trumped by organizational loyalty to the Baby Boomer generation?


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