From Live + Online certificate programs and online articles written by industry experts to Training Magazine Network (TMN) Webinars and Learning Centers, we hope these resources will help make your job and days a little easier as we continue to battle the Coronavirus.

In the face of the deadly Coronavirus, we know you are probably frantically trying to convert hours and hours of classroom training to e-learning, figuring out how to train hundreds, if not thousands, of employees working from home, dealing with kids (or pets) climbing on your lap in the middle of conference calls and Webinars and virtual sessions—or perhaps all of the above and more.

That’s why all of us at Training magazine wanted to provide as many resources as possible to help you deal with the “new normal.” From Live + Online certificate programs and online articles written by industry experts for to Training Magazine Network (TMN) Webinars and Learning Centers, we hope these resources will help make your job and days a little easier.

Training matters! And we will get through this—together!  


Virtual classroom technology enables L&D teams to reach all audiences, at any time of the day, with just a simple Internet connection. But engaging your audience using this type of technology requires a unique skill set that combines using virtual presentation, facilitation, and design techniques with technical knowledge to skillfully deliver online learning events.

To help you hone your online training expertise and connect with your peers, Training magazine is offering two new Live + Online in-depth certificate programs:

Online Virtual Trainer (a series of 4 sessions starting April 20 or August 3)

Online Virtual Designer (A series of 4 sessions starting June 1 or October 19)

  • Receive a participant guide containing job aids (including The Virtual Trainer’s Competency Model and a 4-Step Virtual Activity Design Process)
  • Receive examples and platform checklists to help navigate the various live online platforms in the market today (WebEx, Zoom, Adobe Connect and GotoTraining); and key points to remember for you to use as you design, develop, deliver, and support your live online courses.

Save 10% when registering online with discount code tctmThis offer is for new registrations only and is available while space is available.



URGENT: Moving Presentations Online: Coronavirus, Training Sessions, and Events

Richard Goring, Director, BrightCarbon

Coronavirus is causing businesses to cut or make drastic reductions in business travel, and to cancel or move conferences and events online. But conference organizers, training teams, and trainers still have jobs to do, so the question immediately becomes: How do you do your job when people can’t travel or meet face-to-face? It’s not a case of just taking your in-person content and presenting it virtually—if you’re to be effective, you need to understand how online presentations are different for the presenter, their slides, and their audience. Once you have a handle on that, it’s a case of figuring out how you can eliminate distraction for your audience and engage them with compelling content. 

To hear the recording, visit:

Training in the Time of COVID-19: Tips and Lessons Learned (sponsored by UMU)

Emily Ullberg, Director of Global Projects, UMU 

Coronavirus is causing many businesses to rethink how they do training and forcing L&D professionals to rapidly move to more virtual and online solutions. How are businesses facing these challenges? We can learn potential solutions for delivering training around the globe from new technologies such as AI-enabled learning platforms, such as Umu. Many of its customers have already been dealing with COVID-19 for the last few months. It’s been tough, but they’re getting through this —and you will, too. These are a few of their stories and solutions.

This Webinar will help you walk away with ideas for:

  • Effectively moving in-person learning online
  • Scaling role-play and practice opportunities virtually
  • Empowering workforce development remotely

Listen to the recording at:

Managing Virtual Workers Today (sponsored by Cornerstone Cares)

Bob Nelson, Ph.D., President, Nelson Motivation, Inc. 

With the nationwide move to have employees work from home to limit social distancing in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, many managers are faced with virtually managing their employees for the first time. Find out what it takes to successfully manage virtual workers, learn the pitfalls and successful tools and techniques other organizations are successfully using on this topic, and increase your confidence for effectively getting work done through workers who are not in the office. Topics include: 

  • The growing importance of virtual work and the virtual worker
  • Setting clear goals, expectations, and control for virtual workers
  • Building trust, teams, and accountability with virtual workers
  • Technology tools and strategies for extraordinary communication
  • Promoting inclusion and collaboration with virtual workers
  • Virtual recognition and rewards for remote workers

To hear the recording, visit:

Working from Home: Proactive Planning to Deliver Results

Jack Phllips, Ph.D., Chairman, and Patti Phillips, Ph.D., CEO, ROI Institute

Flexible work systems have been in operation for years, but now that so many workers are being forced to transition to work-from-home arrangements because of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, it’s imperative to be as prepared as possible to deliver results while working remotely. With today’s advancements in technology and digital tools and resources readily available, it’s suggested that many employees can now work in any place, at any time, with no problems. The primary goal is to plan your work and work your plan. The secondary goal is to continue remote working once the panic is over. After attending this session, participants will be able to: 1. Explore when and how flexible work systems can be developed. 2. Identify the success factors for working remotely. 3. Determine the necessary steps to take to show the value of working remotely.

To listen to the recording, visit:

Remote Training? 5 Ways to Use Video to Improve Yours

Dave Dumler, Head of Product Evangelism and Product Management, Panopto

Today's L&D pros are already aware that video is a great tool for training. Sure it’s adaptable and can increase training quality in both formal and informal learning environments, but what are the proven best practice for lowering program costs while increasing the effectiveness of remote training?

In this Webcast, we’ll go beyond the basic applications for video in remote employee training and explore 5 new ideas you can take back to your own organization for using video to improve the reach and effectiveness of your remote training, support social learning, improve productivity, and more.

To listen to the recording visit:

4 Strategies for Building a Culture of Learning Remotely

Michael Moore, Senior Advisory Consultant, D2L0

Adopting remote-work opportunities delivers positive changes to critical business metrics, such as reduced expenses, increased productivity and engagement, and decreased turnover and attrition.

Join Michael Moore, D2L, while he explores the 4 steps every organization can take to build a culture of learning that maximizes each employee’s potential and gives remote workers access to the same professional development and skills-mapping support as those on-site.

During this session, attendees will learn:

  • 3 typical challenges organizations face when it comes to remote work
  • 4 distinct strategies on how to effectively build a vibrant learning culture
  • Tips and best practices on how to implement each strategy

To listen to the recording visit:

A Creator-Centric Approach to Reskilling

Jeff Fissel, VP of Solutions, PeopleFluent

Dawn Baron, Product Marketing Manager, PeopleFluent 

In this session, we will take a prevalent term in our industry, “reskilling,” and introduce it to a new and trending term, “creator-centric.” Can you imagine rebuilding your learning culture around the learner as the creator rather than the recipient of the content? It will happen, but instead of it happening to your organization, make it happen for your organization.  In this Webinar, we will talk about how to engage employees in their own development by encouraging user-generated content and collaboration. But it doesn’t end there. These creator-centric approaches to reskilling will not only ensure employees become the nexus of driving learning but will also communicate the organization's commitment to changing the nature of how learning happens. 

To listen to the recording visit:

Design & Deploy Critical Skills Training for Employees Suddenly Working from Home

Allen Partridge, Ph.D., Head of Evangelism, Adobe Digital Learning Solutions 

You will learn:   

  • What are the core skills required for working from home?
  • Should you re-examine remote work policies?
  • How can you anticipate the needs of this new group working from home?
  • Will you need to finance this change with technology or software grants?
  • Discover how User Generated Content & Social Learning Spaces in Adobe Captivate Prime can facilitate engaged communities for learning these skills.
  • What specific skills will employees need to rapidly master? 

To listen to the recording visit:

Beginners Essential: Creating Drag and Drop Interactions with Adobe Captivate

Pooja Jaisingh, Ph.D., Lead eLearning Evangelist, Adobe Digital Learning Solutions 

You are just getting started with creating eLearning courses and have learned how to add different slides, add objects, and apply some transitions and effects to them. You have also learned how to convert the objects to buttons and trigger some actions on clicking the button. Now it’s time to take it a step further and learn how to create drag and drop interactions using Adobe Captivate.

  • During this Webinar, you will learn how to: 
  • Create a one-to-one drag and drop interaction
  • Create a many-to-one drag and drop interaction
  • Modify the drag and drop properties
  • Create a drag and drop quiz question
  • Create a drag and drop menu page

To listen to this recording visit:

Make MAGIC in the Virtual Classroom

Cynthia Clay, President/CEO, NetSpeed Learning Solutions

Learn the five secrets of masterful online training that can help you create stellar experiences for your audience.

By the conclusion of this Webinar, you will be able to:

  • Engage your participants by commanding their undivided attention
  • Apply the five secrets of stellar trainers to create MAGIC in the virtual classroom

To listen to this recording visit:

Help! How to Quickly Convert Classroom Teaching to Live Online

Becky Pike Pluth, President and CEO, The Bob Pike Group

Learn how you can get up and running with participant-centered Webinars on any and all platforms.

  • Examine steps to rapidly convert face-to-face content to live online (webinar)
  • Review templates to plan and prepare for presenting without a physical audience
  • Experience interactive online learning and 5 tips to make yours more engaging

To listen to this recording visit:

The Need for Critical Thinking in Crisis Situations is NOW

Ray Jimenez, Ph.D., Architect,, Chief Learning Officer, Vignettes Learning

In this Webinar, you will learn about:

  • Understanding the impact of an organization’s employees and team leaders’ readiness for crisis response.
  • Effective crisis response and the critical involvement of mindsets and preparations
  • Learn basic skills in Critical Thinking that apply to Crisis Situations
  • Creating organization-wide awareness about the unknowns and unexpected crisis that could hit the business
  • Case study on crisis responsiveness

To listen to this recording visit:


All the resources Training Magazine Network (TMN) has around Corona virus-related and remote learning topics are all consolidated in one convenient “virtual room,” making them easy for members to find:


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