Agile unemployment with Sabina Sulat

In the Hot Seat: Sabina Sulat on how to overcome the loss of employment and confidently move forward

Andy’s guest is Sabina Sulat, an accomplished HR and organizational development and learning executive. She’s spent the better part of the past two decades studying how organizations function and how people work. She’s been a consultant to multiple global and Fortune 1,000 organizations, and Sabina considers the primary purpose of her work to advise organizations on how to enable their employees to develop and grow.

In 2020, Sabina recognized the impact COVID-19 would have on the American worker, forcing millions of people to lose their jobs in the wake of the pandemic. Inspired by her own period of unemployment, she began working on a book to help others navigate the path of being unemployed. Her new book is called Agile Unemployment: Your Guide to Thriving While Out of Work. She is dedicated to helping those who are unemployed navigate the uncertain waters. Our interview explores the concepts that she wrote about in her book.