Edited by Lorri Freifeld

Training Top 100 Best Practice: Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! at Gables Residential

Conversion of programs to live virtual instructor-led training due to the COVID-19 pandemic included maintenance skills and certifications, as well as soft skills such as leading teams, change leadership, and customer experience.

Training Top 100 Best Practice: DISH Network’s New Hire Evolution

The redesigned program aimed to evolve the new hire experience to develop self-sufficient, confident, and high-performing agents through interactivity, modeling, and hands-on application.

Training Top 100 Best Practice: CCA Global Partners’ “Cash Crunch” Program

“Cash Crunch” included a series of Webinars, short videos, and news flashes that showed business owners how to preserve cash for maintaining solvency through the COVID-19 rebound.

Training Top 125 Best Practice: Electric Power Board’s Generational Diversity Training

The initiative is composed of several parts, including an escape room experiment and generational diversity classroom training sessions.

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