Black Lives Matter: How to become a better ally

In the Hot Seat: Thomas Igeme from ServiceNow on raising awareness and creating more equality in companies

In light of the Black Lives Matter Movement that has been growing strong, staying silent is not anymore acceptable. You have to respond and join in on the fight. If you work in the talent development that thrives on people, you now have an even bigger responsibility to do that and raise awareness.

If you are confused about how, don’t worry because, in this episode, Andy Storch has someone who can help. He sits down with Thomas Igeme, the Head of People Manager Development at ServiceNow, who recently posted an article on LinkedIn entitled “Dear Newly Activated Black Ally.”

He takes us into that and talks about how you can become a better ally, especially in the corporate space, and how to have these conversations in your companies. Join in on this very important discussion to learn how to raise awareness and create more equality, diversity, and inclusiveness not only in our companies but also in our lives.