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Showtime! Improv Tips for Training

By Tom Yorton, CEO, Second City Communications Regardless of the role you play in developing and delivering training to your staff—from CLO to instructional designer to field trainer—the landscape is changing quickly, and your challenges are multiplying, including:

Interpersonal Networking Skills Make Leaders More Effective

By Michael Leimbach, Ph.D., Vice President, Global Research and Development, Wilson Learning Worldwide Managing and leading in today’s organizations is growing more difficult. More products are coming to market faster, partnerships among companies in different industries are increasing, global expansion has created huge multinational companies, and trends toward matrix management and cross-functional teams are accelerating.

Creating a Memorable Experience for Your Hotel Guests

By Scott Merrick, Training Account Manager, Signature Worldwide Why is it so important to create a memorable experience for a guest? Are we doing it to create value, which, in turn, will make us more money? Are we doing it to get better reviews on different Websites? Or are we doing it because it feels good? The things we do in the hotel industry need to make money—that’s why we do it—but creating a memorable experience need not cost a lot of money or really no money at all.

Everyone Can Be a Winner!

By Norman Bodek, President, PCS Press Imagine all your employees are self-motivated, highly skilled artisans who are self-reliant and self-directed. At conferences, when I ask the audience to try to imagine that type of workforce, some look excited, while others cringe. From the cringers, I always hear the same question, “But who would do the boring, repetitive work? We can’t have everyone educated and in charge of their work and careers.”

Give Employees Learning Theyメll Love

By Michael Ninness, Senior Vice President, Product and Content, Too often training goes unused. It’s not relevant to the learner or fails to address a specific concern in a moment of need. Even when training is consumed, learning does not always occur. And because technology and information are rapidly evolving, content used in training quickly becomes outdated.

Supercompetent Speaking: Leave メEm Laughing

By Laura Stack, MBA, CSP While the purpose of any presentation is to provide the audience with useful information or influence behavior, there is no fail-safe method for ensuring it happens. However, you’re more likely to have it happen through the use of humor, which can aid in breaking the ice, engaging your audience immediately, and retaining their attention.

Delegation for Growth and Development

Edited by Edward T. Reilly Delegation allows another individual or group to work on a project or task that offers motivation and rewards on its successful completion. It also offers the manager the opportunity to grow and develop individuals who then can be recognized as high-level contributors in the organization. Begin your close look into the practice of delegating with a self-assessment of your comfort level with delegation. Two-Way Benefits of Delegating

Learning Projects Going Global? Be Prepared!

By David Yesford, Senior Vice President, Wilson Learning

Love Your Competitor

By David McNally, CEO, TransForm Corporation As an Aussie, I am still basking in the glow of the first Australian to win The Masters, the golf tournament regarded by many professionals as the pinnacle of achievement. His name is Adam Scott. One would have to understand the history of sport in Australia to grasp the significance of this to the nation. Aussies love their sport no matter what form it takes. Even the Prime Minister stopped what she was doing to send a message of congratulations.

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