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How to Negotiate for Better Learning Outcomes

If you’re an internal Learning & Development professional, everyone looks in your direction to ensure that training initiatives produce meaningful outcomes. You direct the action among the key players—management, outside consultants, and learners—who bring different perspectives. Negotiation skills are the key to reaching agreements that benefit everyone involved and help maximize return on investment (ROI).

Becoming a Leader People Choose to Follow

People tend to follow leaders who are true to what they believe in and act consistently on their beliefs, even when their actions may not be popular. These are the resilient, courageous leaders.

Avoiding the Flavor-of-the-Month Problem

Too often fleeting, flavor-of-the-month initiatives are supported by training that is never incorporated into the job. Does your training consist of transient transactions or is it part of a transformational transition? Transformation begins with clear thinking and an understanding of both the desired behavior change and the desired results the changed behavior should produce.

The Future of L&D: Business-Centric Learning

Today, and into the future, L&D will be focused on aligning learning with the needs of the business. The test question L&D organizations first will need to answer is how can they align with the business needs and develop and deliver programs that support those needs. Everything else will follow.

Dialing Up the Volume on Recruiting

The difference between hiring a few people versus hundreds at a single clip is a bit like traveling through a toll plaza without the convenience of express tolls. No big deal in the off hours but a nightmare of snarled traffic, misdirection, and frustration during a rush-hour surge in volume. A technology-enabled, scalable recruitment process designed for high-volume hiring offers an express pass to hiring success.

How Rent-A-Center Engages Learners

Rent-A-Center revamped its fairly passive Sales Leads Tool training program into one that engages learners through increased interaction with the system and their managers. As a result, the company saw a 300 percent increase in revenue per call in stores where 100 percent of the SLT users had been certified to use the tool.

How to Get in the Driver’s Seat of Your L&D Budget

The way to drive better budget results starts by reading your Learning & Development instrument panel. That panel includes the three odometers—one representing each of the pillars of the Talent Development Reporting Principles (TDRp): efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes.

Stress Affects Nearly Half of All Employees’ Work Performance

Effective prevention and early intervention programming that is tailored to address the varying needs of your employee population is necessary for improving employees’ work performance and reducing stress. Here are some key components to help an organization get substantially more out of its Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Eliminating the Costs of Conflict Avoidance

Employees waste an average of $1,500 and an eight-hour workday every time they avoid holding colleagues accountable. These costs skyrocket when multiplied by the prevalence of conflict avoidance in the workplace.

Question Everything

Many of our systems, structures, rules, and approaches are holdovers from the Industrial Age and need to be completely rethought. The choice before you is simple. How do you want to face life? Reactively or proactively?

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