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Is Your Talent Strategy Ring Ready?

By Tim Toterhi Business leaders are fond of comparing talent acquisition and retention to physical confrontations, most notably, the war for talent. Few, however, demonstrate the dedication required to prepare their organizations for such encounters.

Incentives for Enterprise

In “Unrelenting Innovation: How to Create a Culture for Market Dominance”award-winning USC Professor Gerard Tellis shows how to drive relentless innovation in a company by influencing the true catalyst of innovation: culture.

Hopeful Employees Are Productive Employees

By Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D.

Intergenerational Communication

By Jennie Hollmann, Ph.D., Director Organizational Research, and Genevieve Carlton, Account Consultant, Caliper The Power of 5: Never before have five generations been represented in the labor force. From traditionalists born before 1945 to linkers born after 1995 and just beginning to enter the workforce, we are at a unique period of time regarding the need for intergenerational communication in business. For those who touch talent management, the opportunities and challenges appear to be many.

EMC EduCares About Its Customers

Edited by Margery Weinstein EMC Corporation noticed two trends occurring in corporate education: Informal learning Learning as a service As a result, it created EMC EduCare, value-added informal and service-based learning to support EMC storage and information infrastructure solutions for its customers.

Conversation Crutches

By Dana Brownlee, President, Professionalism Matters, Inc.

Training for Adaptation

By John C. Cunningham, Education Coordinator, Lenders Solution Group, Indecomm Global Services

Supercompetent Speaking: Expecting the Unexpected

By Laura Stack, MBA, CSP Speakers quickly learn that no matter how much they prepare for their presentations, things occasionally will go wrong—often through no fault of their own. Even so, you’ll need to be as prepared as possible when they do. Suppose the lights go out, there’s a crash backstage, someone’s phone rings, or the fire alarm goes off—how will you handle it? All of the above have happened to me in the past. I even stepped off the edge of the stage once (no kidding).

Leveraging Syndicated Online Training

Last year, U.S. corporate training groups spent $67 billion to train and certify employees to improve productivity and worker effectiveness (Bersin & Associates, 2012).As government and industry regulations continue to increase, so does the need for training and certification. In addition, businesses constantly are looking for competitive advantages, and a well-trained, knowledgeable talent pool can be a company’s most a strategic asset.

Connecting with Customers

By Dulce Gonell-Holderby, Training Account Manager, Signature Worldwide The word, “connect,” means to relate, associate, link, or join to one another. In the customer service world, it means to establish rapport or foster a relationship. So how do we go about making these connections? How do we know if we have done it right the first time? How do we know if it is working?

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