Designing an effective emerging leaders program at OppFi with Erin Killingsworth-Walker and Mackenzie Saunders

In the Hot Seat: Mackenzie and Erin on how to create a leadership program that is sustainable and impactful

In this episode Andy interviews Mackenzie Saunders (top) and Erin Killingsworth-Walker (bottom). Mackenzie Saunders is a learning and development lead at OppFi. OppFi is a leading financial technology platform that powers banks to help the everyday consumer gain access to credit. The company just recently went public.

As a member of the Talent Development Think Tank community, Mackenzie made an impression on her fellow members, who recommended Andy interview her for the podcast.

Erin Killingsworth-Walker is Mackenzie’s manager and is a senior manager of learning and development at OppFi.

Mackenzie and Erin have different experiences but make a great team and collaborate well at work. Together, they share about the gaps that can occur in leadership development the four main components of OppFi’s learning journey and what’s working well for them.