Digital learning in the flow of work

In the hot seat: Paul Middleton from 1st90 on some innovative ideas and trends in digital learning

There has always been a move towards digital learning, but none as urgent and significant as what is happening today.

Digital learning takes on a newfound significance as the current crisis forces people to abruptly turn to digital solutions while everyone is working remotely. Paul Middleton, the Co-Founder of the 1st90 app, joins Andy Storch today as they discuss the trends in digital learning and Paul’s innovative ideas on learning.

Drawing from his rich experience as a learning consultant, Paul noticed that the euphoria of learning something new quickly wanes off as workshop participants face the realities of the workplace and get back to their old, familiar habits. Paul addresses this challenge by focusing on changing behaviors and developing habits that drive performance. Paul’s brilliant take on learning is something everyone in the corporate world should consider as we go increasingly digital.