Gaining insights from this pandemic to prepare for the future of work

In the Hot Seat: Naveen Bhateja from Medidata Solutions on leading the digital transformation with the right company culture

The COVID-19 pandemic has left so much disruption to our day to day lives, both personally and professionally.

For businesses and organizations, one major struggle that they have to face is maintaining the culture, especially as everybody starts going remote. This episode’s guest, Naveen Bhateja, offers his insights and experiences to help you prepare for the future of work, facing the changes in front of us head-on. Naveen is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Medidata Solutions, a technology and software company that is leading the digital transformation of life sciences.

Here, he sits down with host, Andy Storch, to share his diverse global experience with us and how it has helped him manage different company cultures at any given time, such as this current pandemic, where people stay connected and engaged. Knowing that there is no existing playbook for a pandemic and the changes we are yet to confront with the current rate we are going, it helps to gather information from the experts to help us rise above the tides. Listen in on this discussion as Naveen guides you to create a progressive organization that is ready to embrace the future of work.