Improving employee experience

In the Hot Seat: Jimmy Rose from Cotiviti on building development programs that make employees feel valued.

A company will only be as good as the people in it. As such, if you want growth, you should also have an environment that allows your employees to grow as well.

All about improving employee experience, Jimmy Rose, VP of Employee Experience at Cotiviti, is on today’s show to share with us his passion for talent development and building culture. He talks about the ways he has taken to building development programs, especially with employee experience and onboarding.

Putting forward the importance of creating a place where employees feel supported and trusted, Jimmy discusses the need for a leadership program that produces leaders with self-awareness and who can receive feedback. He further gives out some advice and tools that will help you improve as well as the essential elements to creating a great culture. Learn about how to make your employees want to stay and feel valued and more in this conversation.