Influencing hope through stories with Kelly Dozois

In the Hot Seat: Kelly Dozois on how storytelling create positive change in the workplace

Andy’s guest is Kelly Dozois. She’s been a consultant and leadership and organizational instruction designer for over 20 years, working with companies like Apple and Cargill to develop highly interactive, discovery-based learning programs.

Kelly is also an expert on leadership, influence, communication, storytelling, and inclusive leadership. She is also a solution partner with Advantage Performance Group. She’s the founder and creator of Ocean Beach Consulting, and before that, she was Vice President of Human Resources Development for Gap Inc., where she was responsible for the development of 160,000 employees worldwide and the executive development of senior management. She has been traveling part-time and working from her 24-foot Sprinter van since February 2021, observing, experiencing, and listening to stories.

She joins Andy for a conversation about hope and humanity and using storytelling for influence.