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L&D BEST PRACTICES: Strategies for Success (July/August 2015)

Training magazine taps 2015 Training Top 125 winners and Top 10 Hall of Famers to provide their learning and development best practices in each issue. Here, we look at Vi's strategy for fostering employee engagement.

What’s in a Name? Training Matters

A study of fit and preferences for the name and responsibilities of our field.

The State of Global Leadership Development

Employers worldwide are recognizing the increasing criticality of developing global capabilities in leaders, according to the sixth annual global leadership development survey conducted by Training, AMA, and i4cp.

Employees: Just Own It!

Getting employee buy-in is one thing, but getting to the next level of employee ownership requires an innate appreciation of job roles and a belief in the larger goals of the company..

Self-Service Learning

How do you manage, monitor, and maintain the quality of learning when people are dishing up their own curriculum from a smorgasbord of offerings?


One strategy for higher employee retention is more frequent one-on-one conversations with managers.

HIGH POTENTIALS: Tell Them or Not?

Identifying employees as having high potential acknowledges their contributions to the company, validates what they are doing, and inspires them. But it also can lead to them resting on their laurels.

What Motivates Workers at Small Firms?

They want to feel their ideas and efforts materially contribute to the success of their employers.

The Power of Broadcasting Happiness

New research from the front lines shows that not only is it possible to broadcast positive messages to raise business outcomes such as engagement, performance, and profitability, but that there is a scientifically based way to do it to more effectively get your message across


How organizations can fuel engagement and performance by helping employees renew their energy.

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