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How Baptist Health Care Improves Performance

Edited by Margery Weinstein

Civility at Work

By Catherine Mattice, President, Civility Partners, LLC

Skills Gap Part 2: Schooled on Skills

Corporate/academic partnerships may be a big part of the solution to the skills gap. The key to success lies in understanding the challenges, choosing the right partners, and measuring effectiveness.

Training Today: Tech Talk (May/June 2013)

>> Panopto announced the latest version of its e-learning and video platform solution:Panopto 4.3. New features include failsafe recording, social enablement (including rich comments, community ratings, and video bookmarks), and a scalable platform (per-user analytics and an IT admin dashboard).

Training Today: Power to the People

When Seattle-based work-force consulting company PeopleFirm was first recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the state, all employees received iPads engraved with a personal thank you. The newest team members, some of whom had only been with the company for a month, were shocked. But this was all about rewarding the team for their outstanding efforts. Tenure, role, or level didn’t matter. Being part of the PeopleFirm team is what counted.

Training Today: Products and Services (May/June 2013)

>> Third-party logistics provider LeanCor launched LeanCor Academy, an online professional training and education program. Facilitated in a virtual classroom, the first course, “Lean Leadership: Building the Lean Culture,” is broken down into 16 one-hour self-paced modules, each followed by a knowledge assessment and application work.

Training Today: Partnerships and Alliances (May/June 2013)

>> Rosetta Stone acquired Seattle-based Livemocha, one of the world’s largest online language-learning communities, for $8.5 million in cash. Livemocha features a robust and extensible cloud-based learning platform and a community of more than 16 million members.

Back to the Basics

By Bruce Tulgan “Leadership development” may sound better, but our research shows that what’s missing in the repertoires of 9 out of 10 leaders is consistent practice of the old-fashioned basics of management. There is so much work to be done by training professionals:

Training Today: Training Goes to China

More than 460 training and learning executives and practitioners gathered in Shanghai in April to attend Training magazine’s first-ever conference in China, organized by Training’s exclusive Chinese partner, ACT Group. The focus was “Taking E-Learning to the Next Level,” through the expanded use of mobile and social learning and gamification. Speakers included mobile learning expert A.J.

Building a Productive Mindset

By Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA Would you like to get even more done each day? With just a little bit of forethought, there are two ways to build a productive mindset into your daily routine:

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