Learning from a distance during COVID-19

In the Hot Seat: Molly Nagler from PepsiCo on creating a virtual learning environment that focuses on informal learning.

For most companies, even those with some kind of a system already in place, the COVID-19 crisis accelerated the shift to virtual learning programs in the talent development sphere.

Molly Nagler, the Chief Learning Officer of PepsiCo, is at the forefront of this pivot, devising virtual learning strategies and tools for a Fortune 50 company with more than 260,000 employees. With her academic background as the former Senior Associate Dean for Executive Education at Yale School of Management, Molly is an expert in the value of learning as an indispensable part of the corporate business world.

She is optimistic about the company’s shift to virtual learning and informal learning – modalities that will continue to play a big part of the corporate learning structure even as we come out of this crisis. Join in as she talks to Andy Storch about this exciting topic.