Own your career own your life

In the Hotseat: Andy Storch introduces his amazing new book!

In this episode, the tables are turned as Andy Storch gets into the hot seat. Andy brings in a good friend of his, executive coach Massimo Backus to interview him about his new book, Own Your Career Own Your Life, which just came out on November 16th. Andy brings in so much valuable wisdom on careers, success and fulfillment that you would want nothing short of grabbing your own copy of the book and just devouring it.

The next best thing is to listen to this episode, of course, where we get a front-row experience of the thought leader behind the book. Listen in as he talks about his thought processes when he wrote the book, as well as some of his most standout insights on dealing with failure, taking charge of your career and homing in on your own definition of success.