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Tech Talk (March/April 2019)

Find out about the latest advances in training technology.

They Want More!

A new study by Cerego finds that 80 of those who receive monthly training still crave more opportunities for development.

Learning’s Value In The Era Of Disruption

A study shows global business executives (CXOs) are more positive than chief learning officers (CLOs) about the value of learning and the extent to which there is a learning culture in their organizations.

The Connection Between Automation and the Employee Experience

Thanks to continual advancements in technologies such as AI and analytics, we can expect that in the near future, virtually every system we interact with will incorporate automated functionalities so we can eliminate time-intensive and mundane processes and focus on more strategic activities.

What Role Will AI play in L&D?

With today’s focus on digital technology, it’s easy to neglect a simple fact: All that technology is meaningless without the right talent to put it to use. That means investing in new ways of working with, training, and hiring staff who have the correct skills.

The Big Reboot (Part 1): Rethinking Education and Employment in an Automated Era

At the national, business, and individual level, what will determine our ability to survive and thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape are our levels of education and big picture awareness.

Training Reimagines Learning at Its Rebranded Event: TechLearn Conference 2019 in New Orleans

This rebranded and reimagined version of Training magazine's former Online Learning Conference will be headlined by Chief Learning Evangelist Michael Allen, founder of Allen Interactions and co-creator of “The eLearning Manifesto,” which boldly proclaims, “No more boring eLearning!”

Focusing on 2019 Learning Technology

Looking ahead to what the early adopters already know and do.

CLOs Need Greater Accountability at the Leadership Table

Corporate learning in a workplace driven by artificial intelligence (AI) must be overseen by a chief learning officer (CLO) with expertise in implementing learning strategies and quantifying results.

The Human Side Of Machine Learning

The integration of humans into machine learning processes will benefit the way technology influences the design, development, and delivery of learning experiences.

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