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Game-Based E-Learning Produces Results

By Bryan L. Austin, Chief Game Changer, Game On! Learning I’ve had the good fortune to spend most of my career in the corporate training space, primarily working for e-learning solution providers to corporations and government organizations around the world. One of the biggest challenges of e-learning has been that employees often don’t complete the training because they don’t find it engaging, relevant, or worth their time. Three of the most vexing questions for talent development professionals when launching training initiatives online are:

2013 Best Practices and Outstanding Training Initiatives

BEST PRACTICES BB&T Corporation: Leadership Development Program (LDP) Twice a year, a class of Leadership Development Program (LDP) associates relocates to BB&T University for nine months to participate in the four phases of the program. Associates choose one of two concentrations to specialize in: business banking or specialized corporate functions. Program framework and highlights include:

Engagement Starts with Your Leaders

By Tom Roth, Chief Operating Officer, Wilson Learning Worldwide Let’s face it—it’s still tough out there. Most organizations today have weathered the worst economy since World War II, with recovery and growth slower than we all would like it to be. But you made it, and now you are dealing with the massive changes that have taken place and are working hard to ensure your organization stays on course for continued success.

Employee First Impressions: A モMulligan,ヤ Please?

By Cary Schuler, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, cfactor I always love self-righteously claiming my right of a “Mulligan” as it’s often referred to in golf. You didn’t like that drive? No worries, just tee up another ball and try again… Unfortunately, Mulligans don’t work so well in our professional lives.

Teaching Listening Skills: Is It Time for a Change?

By Ellen Freed Listening looks easy, but it's not simple. Every head is a world. —Cuban Proverb

Radical Change in a 75-Year-Old Company

By Peter R. Garber

ETS Department Case Study: Training in the Huddle

By Patricia B. Thurgood, and Fran Klene, BS, MS, Learning and Change Facilitators, Indiana University Health

Medtronic, Inc.: Simulating High-Potential Teamwork and Medical Device Usage

By Margery Weinstein When Medtronic, Inc., a Minneapolis-based provider of medical technology, needed a way to give high-potential employees a sense of teamwork under pressure, it turned to simulation technology. The company incorporated a team-based leadership simulation from Enspire Learning into its Emerging Leader Program (ELP) that creates insights on personal leadership styles. It also allows emerging leaders to practice cross-functional teamwork that deals with ambiguity under time pressure, communication across the enterprise, and making strategic trade-offs.

Will the Customer Service Process Ever Be the Same?

By Floyd Adler, Training Account Manager, Signature Worldwide What an interesting question and what a challenge! Personally, I do not look at customer service being the same as it used to be; however, the challenge lies in the demand to work harder to make EVERY customer service encounter better than it has ever been.

Onboarding as Part of Talent Management Strategy

Big or small, every company has to onboard new employees. Some organizations manage the process better than others. A select few take onboarding to the next level and integrate their onboarding program into their talent management process. The result of this integration is that onboarding becomes a key component of a company’s talent strategy.

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