People-centered culture: Creating a great experience for employees

In the Hot Seat: Barbie Winterbottom on how a people-centered culture that can make employees feel valued at every turn

In spite of the various technological advances that have helped make human resources management more efficient, nothing replaces human connection in ensuring great employee experience. This means employees should feel valued at every turn, and even as they walk out of the organization’s door.

Barbie Winterbottom, the CHRO of Bic Graphic as well as a keynote speaker and “culture whisperer,” joins Andy Storch in this episode. Building on her rich experience in HR and leadership, she talks about some of the qualities a leader in the HR space should possess in order to create a people-centered culture within their organizations.

She encourages everyone to treat their employees as they would their customers and assures them of the rewards that will come from it.