Training Insights Episode 1: Making Your Organization Soar

The three keys to making your organization soar—not just perform—is good economic returns; environmental performance; and the social aspect, particularly employee engagement and collaboration.

This podcast series, produced by Ottawa-based writer/audio producer Kevin McGowan in partnership with Training magazine, includes one-on-one interviews with fascinating people in the training/learning and development world. The podcasts focus on training technologies, projects, career paths, and more. They aim to provide listeners with a unique view into training and knowledge development.

Karen Chovan in Saskatoon, Canada to talk about how to make your team soar. She’s a consultant, expert, and public speaker with over 20 years of experience in engineering, project management, change management, and so on. Her recent speaking engagements have been about how to get your team beyond good performance, to Soaring Performance.

Click below to listen to Episode 1: Making Your Organization Soar, an interview with Karen Chovan, Sustainability Adviser, Enviro Integration Strategies in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.