Training Insights Episode 2: Professional Development When You’re Self-Employed

How to stay on top of industry trends and technologies and how to keep learning when we are so pressed for time.

This podcast series, produced by Ottawa-based writer/audio producer Kevin McGowan in partnership with Training magazine, includes one-on-one interviews with fascinating people in the training/learning and development world. The podcasts focus on training technologies, projects, career paths, and more. They aim to provide listeners with a unique view into training and knowledge development.

Many writers and training professionals are self-employed, either working out of a home office or a client space. With the constant churn of project work and seeking out billable hours, it can be a challenge to do your own professional development. 

Episode 2 is an interview with Penny Lange, a freelance writer and educator based in Ottawa, Ontario. She has been running her own business for years and was happy to share her thoughts on how to stay on top of trends and technologies and how to keep learning when she’s so pressed for time. 

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