Training Insights Episode 3: The Future of Video Learning

A look at the past, present, and future of video.

This podcast series, produced by Ottawa-based writer/audio producer Kevin McGowan in partnership with Training magazine, includes one-on-one interviews with fascinating people in the training/learning and development world. The podcasts focus on training technologies, projects, career paths, and more. They aim to provide listeners with a unique view into training and knowledge development.

Episode 3 is an interview with John Hudson in Montreal, Canada. Hudson has been in the Learning business for 20-plus years, and has started a few successful companies. His latest company, Zavango, has a tool called Engage, which allows you to layer interactive content on top of a traditional video.

As you can imagine, Hudson has a lot to say about video learning, and we cover a lot of ground in this phone call: the past, present, and future of video. 

Click below to listen to Episode 3: The Future of Video Learning.

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