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Reaching the APEX

Congratulations to all of Training magazine's award winners—we salute your laser-focused commitment to learning and development and your unwavering belief that training can not only change the world, but transform it.

A Positive Outlook for 2022

Learning and Development (L&D) and HR professionals need to remain hyper-focused on implementing strategies that promote employee motivation, learning, and innovation.

Connect with Your L&D Colleagues Through the Training Top 100 Insights Series

This complimentary live virtual series focuses on exclusive strategies, plus tools and technologies, for learning and development (L&D) success.

Virtual Presence

Using VR to recreate those moments of camaraderie we are missing out on during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working Together, Remotely

The collaborative tools and tech market has expanded significantly since so many of us have been working on remote teams. Here are a few old standards that have evolved beautifully, and a few new players worth taking a peek at.

A Safe Distance

How might we navigate around and among each other at work or events while staying a socially distanced six feet apart?

My Brain on Tech: From Zoom Fatigue to Mind Control

How might we deliver training on a device that is brain controlled? What do instructional designers and developers need to learn in order to understand the breakthroughs in this evolving interface?

Leveraging the Power of AI Transcription for Live Captioning

With Otter Teams (and Education), you can highlight and annotate the transcription during and after recording. You can search, edit, highlight, and comment. And you can insert images!

Building Our Skills as Citizen Developers

As citizen developers, we become a part of the application development and delivery process—we have the opportunity to shape the applications our learners will interact with and manifest our designs, with no coding required.

Online Partners

Is your performance management process effective?