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Have Google And YouTube Created Lazy Learners?

Digital amnesia is the tendency to forget information that can be found readily online by using Internet search engines such as Google.

Getting Away From “Just Google It”

Take an active role in exploring the future of learning. Dig beyond Google and learn more from the Internet in some interesting places.

Leadership Competencies For Success

How do we prepare our leaders for today’s world where collaboration with others who may have different worldviews and experiences will be necessary to succeed?

Cultivate An Outward Mindset

Stop trying to hold people accountable. Instead, develop accountable people.

Lessons From A World-Class Sprinter

In the game of business today, speed is important, but agility is indispensable.

Focus On Paraguay

Even though Paraguayans don’t like to be “singled out” during training, companies have had success in introducing case studies in which small groups collaborate to answer provided questions.

Develop Your Training Brand

Strengthening the quality of your brand enhances your credibility, which is the foundation for positive relationships with both your customers and stakeholders.

Don Quixote And The Quest For Management Support

Rather than default to managers as the primary vehicle for getting people to apply what they learn, maybe it’s time to redirect the quest for this seemingly out-of-reach ideal and find other ways to conquer the windmill.

Introverts Make Great Salespeople, Too

Recent research suggests that how we train introverts will determine their ability to flourish as sales professionals.

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