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Helping Employees Feel Secure Enough to Tell the Truth

Roughly half of 1,000 American workers surveyed by Element Global don’t report issues to HR for fear of retaliation.

Universal Design for Learning Benefits Everyone

Use technology and standards to create training content that can be used by all learners.
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The Trouble with Building Relationships at Work

Building relationships is critical to success at any given time at work, especially in today’s workplace.

What Motivates Employees to “Move the Numbers”?

Rather than have a manager calling to congratulate or complain every day or week about numbers or metrics, I would prefer a manager who gives guidance on how we can continue to do better.

5 Practical Solutions to Engage Salespeople in the Learning Process (Part 2)

Too often, programs take a black-and-white view, training salespeople as if programming robots.

Do Your Employees Need Sensitivity Training?

One tactic to teach is to put the solution first rather than the criticism.

A Training/HR Roadmap for 2021

In 2021, HR and Training managers will need to take a more proactive and more intentional approach toward working to foster a positive culture.

How Unified Communications Can Improve Employee Productivity

One integrated communications platform makes it easier to collaborate across your organization, opens up remote working possibilities for a broader range of staff, and can significantly trim customer response times.

Best Ways to Train Millennials

Millennials are an important part of the business world, representing 56 percent of the workforce, according to research by Pew. Here are 8 do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when training them to be valuable company assets.

How Karma Affects Us

Everyone who comes into our life is here to teach us something about ourselves.

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