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Strategic Leadership Skills For Today’s Knowledge Economy

By channeling organizational processes into corporate strategy and employing a supportive strategy executives can continue to prosper.
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Corporate Training Needs to Embrace Self-Directed Learning

Self-Directed Learning (SDL) has become more prominent as companies explore ways to educate employees and create relevant, meaningful experiences.
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How Future Leaders See Leadership

The article discusses ways learning and development can help early professionals develop their leadership skills.
Training Magazine

Creating a Powerful Coaching Ecosystem

Coaching is a vital way to extend learning and training beyond the classroom and create an environment of continuous and personalized learning.
Connected leadership

Time for a Revolution in Leadership Development

A new kind of leadership needs to evolve to meet the challenges of the post-pandemic world.
Leadership Case Studies

Leadership Case Studies

Here is a sample of three case studies from the book, Leadership Case Studies, that are most instructive and impactful to developing leadership skills.
How to Develop Great Coaches and Mentors

How to Develop Great Coaches and Mentors

Coaching and mentoring is vital to learning and training beyond the classroom and creating an environment of continuous learning.

Tech, Yes!

L&d will continue to embrace evolving training technologies post-pandemic.

Training Top 100 Best Practice: NIGP’s Leaders Edge

This cohort-based leadership development program lasts 12 months, beginning with a two-day in-person kick-off where the cohort meets, learning teams are assigned, and the learning begins.
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Best Practices to Promote a Learning and Development Culture

A transferable report from the telecoms industry that tracks the sense of learning and development amongst telecom professionals.

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