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The golden age of HR technology with Larry McAlister

In the Hot Seat: Larry McAlister answering questions on HR Technology

User-centered learning design with Nick Shakleton-Jones

In the Hot Seat: Nick Shakleton Jones on creating a great employee experience

Creating Awesome Leaders with Leila Bulling Towne

In the Hot Seat: Leila Bulling Towne on what we need from leaders today in the workplace

The 8 talent development essentials to avoid disaster with Jonathan Miri

In the Hot Seat: Jonathan Miri on creating successful leadership programs with these 8 essentials

Agile unemployment with Sabina Sulat

In the Hot Seat: Sabina Sulat on how to overcome the loss of employment and confidently move forward

Effective decision making and building inclusive learning experiences with Brent Snow

In the Hot Seat: Brent Snow on becoming a great decision maker

Talent development the Army way with Shay Potter

In the Hot Seat: Shay Potter on onboarding and training in the Army

Defining and improving culture with Michele Lau

In the Hot Seat: Michele Lau on how you can approach shifting culture

Career development for employees & aspiring managers with Ryan McCrea

In the Hot Seat: Ryan McCrea on how to be a successful leader in modern days

The art of masterful communication with Adam Piandes

In the Hot Seat: Adam Piandes on the 3 pillars of the Art of Masterful Communication

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