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April 2022


Needed: Leaders, Not Jerks!

Command-and-control leadership is not healthy, and it is not going to work in the new reality work environment. Now is the time to learn how to lead in ways others want to follow.

Sticky Notes: Make a Great “Thank You” One of Your Signatures

If you demonstrate understanding and appreciation of someone’s contribution, you create a psychological incentive in the individual to give greater weight to your opinion. Appreciation and gratitude breed appreciation and gratitude.

New Products and Services (April 2022)

The latest products and services launching in the training industry.

Partnerships and Alliances (April 2022)

The latest training industry mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and more.

Tech Talk (April 2022)

Find out about the latest advances in training technology.

To Tech or Not to Tech: Keys to Deciding

Every decision we make as we design and facilitate training should deepen our learners’ connection with, understanding of, and application of the content and learning objectives.

Time to Get on a Role

New tools, philosophies, and methods necessitate both the rewrite and separation of the role of developer from instructional designer.

Productivity Coach’s Corner: 4 Lenses that Filter Mentoring in Practice

The acronym I use is N2C2: nature, nurture, choice, and chance.

How to Train Your Teams to Be More Resilient and Productive

Through the Emotional Mastery Process, employees learn how to recognize when there is an emotional “trigger”—such as a disagreement with a colleague or feeling overwhelmed—and how they can deal with it calmly and rationally.

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