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Addressing Mistakes

Employ a “neutral” strategy to help focus the conversation on the issue rather than on the person and avoid eliciting a defensive response. This also will facilitate a more exploratory and comprehensive analysis of the situation.

Talent That Fits Like A Glove

Finding talent that will be perfect for your company.

Making Choices In 2017

It’s important to realize we always have a choice. Even when we think we don’t have a choice, that thinking is typically only a result of the limitations we place upon ourselves.

From Best Practice To Next Practice

Turning middle-manager dinosaurs into center-leader dynamos.

Win Together, Lose Apart

How to ensure global team success.

Focus On Jordan

Effective training techniques in Jordan include emphasis on learning by doing, visual rather than text reinforcement, strong teacher leadership, and redundancy to reinforce learning.

How-To: Write In Plain Language

You have written in plain language if your audience can understand what you wrote, what you are trying to achieve, and what you want from them—after a single reading.

Enhancing Global Virtual Teams Through Training

A model using three Ps—Purpose, People, and Process—with Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) as the overall framework, provides a common language for teams to discuss their strengths and challenges, and to self-diagnose problems.

Creating Blended Learning For Small To Medium-Sized Businesses

For a small L&D department, everything is important and needed now. The key for them to make blended learning programs work is ensuring a proper sequence of learning events/activities.

How Training Can Help With Ethical Behavior & Compliance

Creating an ethical and compliant organization requires a holistic approach that includes understanding the organization’s structure, culture, leadership, and learning methodologies.

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