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January / February 2021


Tech-YES! for 2021

2021 is a new year, and I’ve resolved to up my tech-savvy factor.

New Products & Services (Jan. 2021)

The latest products and services launching in the training industry.

A Training/HR Roadmap for 2021

In 2021, HR and Training managers will need to take a more proactive and more intentional approach toward working to foster a positive culture.

Training Top 100 Hall of Fame Outstanding Training Initiatives

Each year Training magazine requires all Training Top 100 Hall of Famers to submit an Outstanding Training Initiative that we share with our readers. Here are...

Critical Factors in Selecting Diversity Trainers

It is important that those making the selection represent the desired diversity of the organization and have considerable experience in Training and Development training.

Earn Respect the Old-Fashioned Way

Respect is the esteem that flows to you naturally when you behave with honesty, integrity, compassion, and a devotion to something bigger than yourself.

People-Centered Initiatives, Business Agility Take Center Stage in 2021 Workforce Trends

Global HR technology leader ADP reveals key drivers reshaping the world of work in 2021.

Diving Into Adult Learning Theory

Among other things, adult learners need to find relevance in the learning content. When they know how it all fits into their own learning goals, they’ll be more interested in learning more.

Leaders Also Need Compassion and Self-Care

Self-care begins with you. The most important person to lead is yourself. When you invest in your own well-being, you inspire others around you to do the same.

Partnerships & Alliances (Jan. 2021)

The latest training industry mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and more.

Online Partners

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