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Please Don’t Go!

Nearly three-quarters of U.S. employees are either actively looking for or open to new opportunities in the next six to 12 months, compared to the 47% of employees who said as much in a report last fall, according to a survey by Lattice.

Zig & Zag

Some 50% of executives believe their organizations are not ready to lead change in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), sustainability, and digital transformation, according to a recent survey.

Productivity Coach’s Corner: Lead Yourself, First

To lead yourself first means thinking about the end state of roles and skills you need to improve.

Sticky Notes: Make After-Action Reviews a Habit

After-action reviews can focus on how a process runs or how a whole group dynamic can function better. Or they can be tightly focused on the actions of individual participants.

Driving Digital Development

Add social learning elements to your digital leadership development efforts to drive behavior change and business impact.

Be Humble to Avoid Stumbles

Command-and-control won’t carry leaders and their teams forward in today’s constantly changing workplace; collaborate-and-communicate will.

Lead Better Meetings

Poor meetings are led by default. Great meetings are led by design.

Developing Digital Leadership Triathletes

Such leaders fulfill the three-part role of digital strategist, innovator, and driver.

Should Diversity Training Be Illegal?

No! Training and Development departments must play a critical and courageous role in helping to end all forms of bigotry and discrimination in their organizations and create a culture of inclusion

Leading the Way to a Brighter Shared Future

During our most challenging times, leaders have emerged to bridge the gap between an untenable present and an uncertain future.

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