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The Influential Leader

Being influential is not about what we learn to do to others but what we learn to be for others—consistently becoming the kind of person others want to follow.

Making Soft Skills A Virtual/Augmented Reality

Are you ready to put some goggles on and really learn?

Breaking Out Of The Box

As Training professionals, we need to go beyond the “traditional” right answers and look for new solutions if we hope to get better results from our training efforts (or even maintain current results!).

Certification! What’s All The Buzz?

The emergence of new players in the certification market has produced three phenomena.

Helping Asian And Western Organizations Work Together

How you build trust, manage people, plan, and make good impressions all are linked to cultural differences—and that’s where training comes in.

Focus On Cambodia

Training is in its infancy in Cambodia, and developing training programs there requires vast resources.

Bring Technology Into The Classroom

With the proper balance, technology can help keep learners engaged in training and ultimately retain what they have learned.

6 Factors For Strategic Leadership

When someone tells you that you need to “be more strategic,” what they want is for you to show how you’re driving corporate strategic goals and adding real value to the organization.

Reinventing The Modern Learning Experience

While it may seem counter-intuitive, what happens in cyberspace outside the classroom actually may be the key to a more engaging, personalized classroom experience that breaks out of the “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Learning Is Brain Science

Why the AI-enabled workforce needs an evidence-based approach to education.

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