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Riding the AI Creative Wave

As artificial intelligence continues to advance, people increasingly will take the role of orchestrators or creative directors, using their prompt engineering expertise to maximize AI’s capabilities.

A Preview of Potential L&D and HR Trends for 2023

Ongoing themes in 2023 will include employee well-being; empathy building; diversity, equity, and inclusion; hybrid working; and HR data analytics.

Taking the Cue from Employees

For 2023, businesses are aiming to create a more flexible, cohesive company culture that puts employees and their opportunities for advancement, their work-life balance, and their well-being center stage.

How to Make the Most of Your L&D Budget During Uncertain Times

First and foremost, learn what your stakeholders’ key initiatives are and ensure your learning and development strategy will lead directly to those business outcomes.

The Next Evolution of Employee Engagement: A People-Centric Shift

Managers need to be more people-centric than ever, while organizations need to unlock three keys to manager success: learning and growth, feedback, and the power to act.

Top 3 Strategies for Attracting Talent in 2023

The trends we’ll see in the new year focus solely on putting employees first to create a company culture that attracts new talent.

Why HR Leaders Are Crucial for Culture Change

It is now time for HR to step up to the plate, capture the opportunities the new year brings, and reconfigure their organization to align with the changing world of work.

Training Focus Switches from Digital to Green as the Climate Crisis Bites

Sustainability issues will soon have an impact on every facet of business. How can L&D professionals begin to transition from a focus on developing digital skills toward embedding green skills and knowledge in the organization?

What Will 2023 Bring? The Future of L&D in a Hybrid World

As hybrid work becomes the new normal, companies need to recognize the critical importance of effective onboarding and learning and development to foster culture, community, and effective working relationships.

L&D Will Be Critical to Success in 2023

Findings from Lattice’s State of People Strategy Report 2023, which surved 800-plus HR leaders from around the world.

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