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My Organization Downsized, and My Workload Upsized

Although you have self-interests, your conversation on the subject with your supervisor should be mindful of the collective interests of your department, including those of your boss.

Getting the Inside Scoop on Motivation

Whether an inside job or working from the outside in, motivation on the job is no easy task.

How Do You Know You’ve Succeeded As A Trainer?

If this is all I ever hear after a presentation, it will be enough: “I felt you were here to benefit me.”

Bringing Story Sync To The Classroom

Story Sync is a role-specific, interactive scenario that operates on a classroom-issued tablet, which runs in parallel with classroom content.

Innovation, Creativity, And Learning

By combining new research on the value of cross-cultural collaboration with five key discovery skills, organizations can leap forward in fostering a learning environment that promotes creativity and innovation.

Focus on Romania

Essential tools in the trainer’s kit in Romania are similar to those required in most Central and Eastern European countries: Establishing trust, engaging trainees, and developing a personal connection with them are of paramount importance.

Who Does What? Use RACI To Figure It Out!

Use the RACI chart to facilitate discussions about responsibility and authority. Clarification of roles will keep the project focused on achievement of the outcomes critical to personal and team performance.

What They Don’t Teach In Business School

Business schools don’t prepare people to be laid off or downsized out, nor do they teach leaders how to lay off people.

Front-Line Management 101: Listen. Stop Talking. Listen.

When was the last time you listened to your employees? Really listened—when you weren’t thinking about how to respond, what task to do next, or when to get to the next meeting?

Sticky Notes: Start Coaching Employees Before Problems Arise

Start coaching employees when they are doing great or doing just OK. Coach people every step of the way and help them develop good habits before they ever have a chance to develop bad ones.

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