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Training magazine’s Innovations in Training Event Heads to Ireland

Training magazine’s Innovations in Training Dublin will showcase new approaches to learning at work during a field trip November 7 to 9.

The Art Of Reflection

How often do you schedule time for learner reflection into your course content?

How Giving Great Recognition Motivates People

Understand the impact you make when you recognize people the right way for their positive contributions at work.

Reorienting L&D For The Digital Age

Three areas today’s HR and L&D leaders need to focus on as they evolve their talent development strategies.

Trade Show Training

The VP of Marketing and Sales from headquarters created an incentive program for the sales staff based on the number of leads attained each day. What could go wrong? Plenty!

Diving Into Virtual Reality With Bobby Carlton

We are seeing VR technology becoming less tethered, notes VRScout’s Bobby Carlton. “There’s a big movement around freeing users—letting them have a full range of motion.”

Take The Mystery Out Of Succession Planning

The basic steps of succession planning are the same regardless of organizational size.

Is Your Career By Design Or Default?

In the book, “Alice Through the Looking-Glass,” by Lewis Carroll, Alice has a discussion with the Cheshire Cat.

The Disengagement Epidemic: Can ONA Rescue Us?

A tool called Organization Network Analysis (ONA) allows companies to uncover their hidden Zappers—those who create energy—and connect them together into networks that fuel discretionary effort.

Front-Line Management 101: Fostering Talent Engagement

Talent Engagement is maximizing your employees’ talent, skills, or abilities (what they love to do) for the good of the company—and as a result, for themselves.

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