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Neurodiversity at Work

Many of the rules of behavior, nuances, and verbal and non-verbal cues are hidden from the neurodiverse individual, so it is incumbent on organizations to learn about those with neurodiverse conditions in order to learn how to attract, retain, and develop these employees who have much to offer.

How to Develop Consistent Training Policies and Procedures

6 questions to consider to when developing training policies and procedures to ensure fairness and consistency.

It’s Time for Summer School!

What plans have you made for “summer school 2021”? What classes are you taking that expand your thinking about something, build a new skill or creativity, or just because?

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team!

In baseball terms, we need a starting batting order for today’s game against COVID-19, addiction, and mental illness. They have a really strong team, but if we all play together, help one another, listen to one another, and do our jobs, maybe we can get a win today.

L&D Best Practices: Strategies for Success (July 2021)

Details of Sovos’ IMPACT program, which targets individual contributors who lead by influence rather than authority and who have made a tremendous impact on the organization.

How to Navigate the “New Reality”

Leaders need to be prepared to communicate clearly about what the company needs, how the work can best get done, and why decisions are made, particularly when it comes to in-office vs. remote work post-pandemic.

The Power of Quotes to Teach and Inspire

Quotes are tiny sound bites that touch both our thoughts and feelings as we hear them—or read them.

Productivity Coach’s Corner: Never Waste a Crisis

Over the last two years, our world changed. What are you motivated to change in your life as a result of this crisis and how will you do so?

Sticky Notes: How to Say, “Yes”

Every “Yes” is a commitment, and every commitment deserves to be taken seriously and honored with a good plan and focused execution.

Partnerships and Alliances (July 2021)

The latest training industry mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and more.

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