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Let’s Live Our Best L&D Lives In 2020!

Are you doing work that you’re proud of and your audience finds value in? If not, are you able to change the circumstances to get there?

To Create Or Curate: That Is The Question

When presented with a choice between two options, we’re tempted to think “this or that.” But with creating or curating, the best option is to think “and” instead of “or.”

Make Yourself Modular

Take a lesson from e-learning: Reuse and repurpose learning content and processes—and your training skills.

Enabling Organizational “Response-Ability” To Change

Successful organizational transformation requires an empathic, people-centered approach to change that nurtures a culture of aspiration, alignment, autonomy, and accountability.

Learning 2030: Beyond Technology

Technology will play an oversized role in learning in 2030. But so will human teachers, peers, families, and communities at large. Together, we will need to evolve from us learning about technology to technology learning about us.

Unleashing The Hidden Potential Of Your International Talent

Best practices that will enhance international employee engagement, success, and profitability.

Industry Solutions

Tell us about yourself and your role at CompTIA?

Engaging, Informing, And Upskilling The Modern Workforce

The applications that most interest me in the workforce digitization space are those that enable guided learning, immersive situations, and employee engagement strategies.

Retain Employees And Lower Turnover Costs

Less than 30 percent of U.S. employees say they are loyal to their company, according to the Ipsos Loyalty Study.

Online Partners

Showcase your L&D success with the 2025 Training APEX Awards