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Evaluation Time

The more complex the business need—and the learning required to address it—the more robust the evaluation plan must be.

Learning on the Job Ain’t What It Used to Be

Gaining new knowledge and skills in the workplace happens in the flow of work.

The Virtual Trainer (Part 2)

Bad classroom training doesn’t get better on a Webinar. Here are seven tips for successful delivery of training via Webinar.

Making Sense of Our Shared COVID Circumstance

We must go back to a time in history when the world was rife with uncertainty—a time when Plato conjured up Dialogue to enable humanity to make sense of mystery.

Engage More in Virtual Meetings

Refined over the last 35 years, the 6-step ENGAGE method provides a remedy for the most common virtual meeting problems.

Engaging and Retaining Your Employees Through Mentoring

Retention rates for mentees are 50 percent higher than those not mentored. In fact, mentoring can have a much greater impact on retention than salary increases.

A Safe Distance

How might we navigate around and among each other at work or events while staying a socially distanced six feet apart?

Use Empathy Maps to Understand Your Client

Empathy Mapping is a powerful visualization approach that helps ensure project success by creating a clear understanding of the individual’s or group’s perspective, need, or experience.

Training Isn’t a Drive-Thru

As trainers, we should remind ourselves that stakeholders probably don’t know they don’t have to settle for fast-food training but rather can order a gourmet meal.

Supporting SMEs—With Pizza

When instructional designers partner with subject matter experts (SMEs), one of their roles is to help SMEs choose the most crucial content for learners to absorb and present it in a meaningful way. This process leads to a “good mix”—much like the results of a successful recipe.

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