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AI in Education - Training Magazine

Top 7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Used in Education

Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly with the potential to change the face of the education sector massively.
3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Workforce Management and Customer Experience - Training Mag

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Workforce Management and Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence drives innovative new solutions for workforce visibility, employee automation, and efficient planning and engagement.

Artificial Intelligence Strategic Partnerships Perspectives

Today’s leaders hold a huge responsibility for both delivering on AI’s promise and creating the ethical policies that foster reputable brands, diverse communities, and thriving employees.

Can Artificial Intelligence Help You Better Manage Your Workforce?

The technology could send automated reports about workforce productivity, so you don’t have to rely on annual performance reviews to identify areas where more training is needed.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Improving Corporate Training?

Artificial intelligence can use real-time, automated individualization to customize learning content in accordance with the unique learning style of each user, thereby maximizing productivity.

Artificial Intelligence, Personality, and HR

An artificial intelligence tool that analyzes text written by individuals whose personality you are interested in may prove useful, but we should not get carried away. No one tool should guide our decisions in recruiting, developing, and retaining employees.
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How Business Intelligence Improves Risk Management within Organizations

When organizations infuse AI and data analytics into their risk management solutions, they unlock a plethora of advantages.
digital intelligence - training magazine

Successful Organizations Need Digital Intelligence

Digital intelligence means being curious about new tools and open to working with new technologies that can bring value to an organization.

Why Emotional Intelligence Is A Critical Skill For The Future Workforce

While artificial intelligence and automation take over routine mental and physical tasks, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is becoming the key differentiator in achieving excellence in individual and organizational engagement, product innovation, and customer experience.

AI Market Intelligence

The artificial intelligence (AI) in education market is driven by the integration of the Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) in the learning process.

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