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Shall We Dance? Keys to Successful Client-Consultant Relationships

The client-consultant relationship is not a zero-sum one. Each party must consider the needs of the other or you will step on each other’s toes and the dance may end.
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How to Apply Continuous Improvement to Build Relationships at Work

The key to continuous improvement is capturing the lessons to be learned when things go wrong and when things go right and celebrating them.
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The Trouble with Building Relationships at Work

Building relationships is critical to success at any given time at work, especially in today’s workplace.
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Understanding the Unconscious Relationship Between Leaders and Followers

Book excerpt from Science and the Leader-Follower Relationship: The Implicit Social Elements Explained by Sherri Malouf and Wally Bock; SMS, Inc. (2021).
Diversity and Governance Performance: A Complicated Relationship

Diversity and Governance Performance: A Complicated Relationship

True board diversity requires strong work on board dynamics, solid engagement from the directors, and trailblazing leadership from the chair.

The Relationship Between Humans and Technology—and Work

Excerpt from “Career Fear (and How to Beat It)” by Somi Arian (Kogan Page, 2020)

Training Top 125 Best Practice: Exchange Bank’s Relationship Banker Model

The Relationship Banker (RB) role is a relationship-based model that requires the branch employee to build long-term relationships with customers, assisting them with everything from basic teller transactions to product recommendations and lending.

Relationship Goals: Life Lessons to Maximize Sales

Personal connection is the single most important element in maximizing sales over the long term. Focusing on relationship building allows a sales professional to anticipate customer needs, make targeted recommendations, and become a trusted partner for future purchases.

How to Manage Work Relationships Between Millennials and Gen Zers

A great way to avoid the conflicts caused by a generational gap while also forming a more collaborative environment is to develop a culture that embraces diversity.

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