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Technologies and Tactics to Manage a Hybrid Workforce in 2022

Make sure you’re implementing the right software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications based on your company’s specific needs—whether that’s helping your HR team onboard new employees or training existing employees.

Power of People: 3 Manufacturing Training Trends

It’s time for the manufacturing industry to invest in people, empowering them to build and innovate.

Recognizing the Patterns: 4 HR/L&D Trends to Watch

Hybrid workplaces, right-skilling programs, asynchronous training, and intelligent learning platforms are the beginning of the new workplace, with technology and data-driven insights at the center.

Building Team Cohesion and Trust in an Unstable World

Organizations that learn agility, resilience, empathy, and inclusion will be best prepared to succeed during this time of extreme disruption and beyond.

Reflections on the Great Resignation

4 factors driving the dramatic transformation in how employees view and approach their work life.

Closing the Skills Gap with Learning and Development

Building and nurturing a diverse and high-performing workforce begins with committing to comprehensive training—not just once a year or sporadically, but as part of an organizational mission.

Future-Proof Your Company with These Learning and Development Strategies

Utilizing digital-first training tools and a comprehensive workforce learning strategy, companies can facilitate employee engagement and retention, and build better futures for employees and the overall organization.

On the Horizon

As the pandemic continues to change the way we work, here are some HR and L&D trends to keep an eye on in 2022.

How to Build an Effective Training Academy

5 best practices Acceleration Partners implemented in its Affiliate Academy to address its skills gap and fulfill its hiring goals.

Finding Inspiration

There is more to crafting learning content than getting apps and tools to bend to your will. The work requires a significant investment in the creative side, too. Here are some suggestions for inspiration.

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