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Products & Services (March/April 2016)

The latest products and services launching in the training industry.

Top 10 Hall of Fame Outstanding Training Initiatives (March/April 2016)

Each year Training magazine requires all Training Top 10 Hall of Famers to submit an Outstanding Training Initiative that is shared with our readers in a print issue. Here are the details of KLA-Tencor’s Meditation Workshop.

Don’t Let Training Go in One Ear and Out the Other

The key to successful training, whatever the topic, is to provide the “why” behind the advice given during the training.

Why People Don’t Do What You Want Them To

Powerful principles for analyzing any performance problem.

Want Your Training to Survive? Give It CPR

One way I make sure a course has a solid pulse is to treat it with CPR—an evaluation of con­tent, participation, and revisit.

Learning from Experience

To move from organizational insanity to enterprise instancy, leaders must break existing orthodoxies by engaging the organization in experiences that reframe its limiting beliefs and change its restrictive behavior.

Unconscious Bias Training Across Cultures

Three lessons that can help trainers understand the risks of directly replicating the same unconscious bias training program across cultural boundaries.

Focus on Bolivia

Training is in its infancy in Bolivia. Most training conducted is technical in nature, but there is a need for supervisory and leadership programs.

Enable IT Organizations to Be More Customer Focused Through Learning

To transform the business practices of top accounts at your organization, consider co-creating Learning Academies with your customers.

Make It or Break It: Onboarding for Mid-Career Leaders

There is a big assumption that mid-career leaders are experienced and come into a new organization knowing how to onboard, when in reality, onboarding is a make-it-or-break-it proposition and they need help.

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