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We’re All Leaders. Let’s Be Good Ones!

If certain leadership behaviors were learned and recognized early and often, how great would our workplaces be? Let’s pinky pledge to do our best every day

Trust Me…I’m Your Leader

Understanding how to facilitate successful results between groups of people.

Webinar Wisdom

The principles of developing and leading an effective Webinar are the same. How you apply them may be different.

Training: An Awesome Responsibility

Learners put tremendous trust in us, because, as trainers, we spend their most precious property—their time.

Profound Learning: Creating The “Edge Effect”

The “Edge Effect” is the creativity generated where two ecosystems or cultures meet. Like the ocean meeting the land—new life systems and ideas emerge.

Learning from EVA

EVA, the enterprise voice assistant, takes notes in meetings, listening for what’s important, and activates it for you and your team.

Get Managers To Coach After Your Training

One of the best ways to do this is to send managers a coaching map— instructions that speak directly to the subject matter and provide specific techniques and strategies to assist in reinforcing the material

Choose the Best Learning Path

How organizations, managers, and learners can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the learning effort—for each individual

The First Thing Leaders Need to Do

Leaders need to build community in the workplace as it is hard to trust people you don’t know

Industry Insight: Leading Strategic Meetings

You wouldn’t continually allow people to steal your laptop, mobile phone or desk chair so why are we so loose with our time? Start treating meeting and teleconference time with the precision and discipline of a financial budget and you’ll see effectiveness and productivity skyrocket.

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