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Rear-View Mirror

If there was a consistent theme in 2018, it was improving user experience.

5 Tips for Training New Employees

Initial training sets the scene for your employees’ time at the company. How you welcome and train your new employees says a lot about you, and provides important information to team members.

Exploring the Future of Women

A look at how business and society can adjust to ensure a more positive future for women, focusing on critical agenda issues.

Don Quixote And The Quest For Management Support

Rather than default to managers as the primary vehicle for getting people to apply what they learn, maybe it’s time to redirect the quest for this seemingly out-of-reach ideal and find other ways to conquer the windmill.

TechTalk (Nov./Dec. 2018)

Find out about the latest advances in training technology.

Top 10 Upcoming IT Skills

It’s anticipated there will be a substantial increase of approximately 12 percent in technology-related employment by 2024. As time goes by, old skills will become obsolete and there will be a need for more advanced IT competencies.

An Introduction to the Fear Cognition Scale (FCS) for the Digital Workplace

The adage of survival of the fittest has permeated the digital world with a renewed ferocity. Therefore, it is becoming imperative for mindful professionals to harness their fears and devise effective strategies to chart their careers on a more robust and fruitful course.

People Analytics: 5 Tips for Getting the Best Results

Just as you can’t get much use from a wrench if you don’t have the right parts, you can’t use People Analytics for talent alignment if you don’t have good data.

How to Prepare Your Employees for the Future by Building a Learning Culture Now

Start first by abandoning static training systems in favor of a culture of continuous, individualized learning that encourages people to admit what they don’t know—a culture that fosters and rewards intellectual curiosity.

AR, VR, NLP: The Tech Driving Continuous, On-Demand Learning

These technologies will support performance-adjacent learning solutions that enable professionals to learn from anywhere with minimal disruption.

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